Thursday, August 27, 2009

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Cindy, Lisa Laree, Jodie K, Lori, Gwen, Becky, Summerset, Uta and Elaina for talking back to my confession last Friday! I confessed that I haven't done any sewing for over a month and asked if others had "dry spells" and how they coped.

Just about everyone reported having some type of dry spell at least once in a while. It could be as small as having trouble getting motivated to work on a particular project, or as large as going for months without sewing. The timing varies - Jodie K, for example, gets more sewing done over the summer when she's not busy teaching school every day, while Lori gets more sewing done during the winter months when she is kept inside by the weather.

Three different strategies for dealing with a slump were brought up - each by two or more commenters! First, both Uta and Elaina mentioned the value of being a member of the internet-connected sewing community and blogging about your sewing. These activities provide both inspiration AND the motivation that comes from accountability! ;)

Second, both Jodi K and Becky talked about the value of always having a project cut out and ready to go. Jodi uses her big chunks of time (like the upcoming Labor Day weekend) to cut out several projects, and then, whenever she can squeeze in a few minutes, she can stitch a few seams.

Third, several people, including Lisa Laree, brought up the strategy of setting an attainable goal - such as sewing for 15 (or 20 or 30) minutes each day. It's small enough to squeeze into even very busy days, and, over time, it really adds up! I remember first reading about this idea last Fall, when Summerset used it to get her family Christmas presents done while also working on one of her wearable art projects, and (when I stick to it!) it really does work. :)

Finally, apropos of the photo I selected for this post, Cindy reminded me that sewing is something we do for ourselves and we should MAKE time for ourselves - no matter how demanding life can be sometimes. :)

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to write! It was good to hear that I'm not alone in my slump and you've given me some good ideas for getting back in the game! :)

Photo credit: Dennis Wong