Thursday, January 8, 2009

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Joanne, Miss Linda, Amelia, Mamafitz, Becky, Myrosia, Summerset and Elaina for "talking back" to my confession last Friday! I confessed that I'm not much of a "resolution person" and haven't made any for the new year.

Almost everyone reported that they avoid making RESOLUTIONS, but many people do seem to at least think about some goals for the upcoming year.

Some of the goals are on the abstract or general side - like Joanne's goal to be "open to possibility" or Miss Linda's goal to "persevere". Mamafitz also reports that she typically sets general goals, like sewing more dressy clothes.

Others are more concrete. Amelia says that she'll set some goals to be accomplished in 2009 AFTER she finishes a 5,000 piece wedding quilt! Yikes, that sounds like a pretty big goal in and of itself! ;)

And Becky would like to learn how to make jeans that fit, although she isn't going to obsess over it. She prefers to work on those things that inspire her at the moment.

She's not the only one who feels this way - Summerset and Elaina both report taking things as they come, sewing based on inspiration and/or need, and not feeling guilty if they don't get around to something.

Finally, Myrosia grew up in a country that doesn't have the tradition of establishing New Year's resolutions, and so she takes the quite reasonable position that she makes changes in her life when they are needed, not on a particular date.

You all have got me thinking that taking stock once in a while is a good thing to do, to make sure that you are following your heart - challenged and inspired, learning and growing. Setting goals to help move forward can also be good. But setting resolutions can turn a love affair into a chore and it can become the equivalent of setting yourself up for disappointment and failure.

Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to talk to me! You always make me smile and give me something to think about... :)

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Anonymous said...

Your little berry colored dress is going to be sooo cute!! I hope you will share pictures when it is finished! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to look at the jacket I am making, and give your honest critique. I really appreciated your expert eye!

Unknown said...

Someone once said that if it's worth changing, it's too important to wait till the new year.

I agree! Taking stalk every once in a while, when YOU feel you need to and not with a calendar, is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

LOL be aware it can get you into trouble once in a while. My weekend was full of that, although it'll work out in the end.