Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In The Queue Wednesday

I'm still on the topic of Christmas shopping with my nieces for fabric and patterns. My younger niece (8 years old) wasn't able to shop with us, but her big sister and I picked out patterns and fabric for her.

Her big sister thought that she'd like this skirt (view A):

In this corduroy fabric:

I think it's going to be really cute! I don't know if I'll add the flower or not, but I'm definitely going to pick up some pink ribbon for the trim.

Sadly, my sewing machine is STILL at Sears for its tune-up. :(

But, don't worry, I'll get to it. It's in the queue...


Christine said...

Cute! I love the polka dots! :)

Anonymous said...

I love that fabric! How cute!

Joanne said...

I think with those cute polka dots, you wouldn't need the flower? But the ribbon trim sounds pretty!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, that is going to be a cute skirt! I love the fabric and the fact that you get to use pink ribbon makes it even better :) Hold on to that pattern it might come in handy in the future ;)