Thursday, August 28, 2008

Talk Back Thursday

Thanks so much to Toni, Christine, Mamafitz, Emily, Lindsay T, Summerset, Vicki and Becky for "talking back" to my Friday Confession last week! I confessed that I am bored with my current labels and described the new ones that I am planning to get (see left sidebar).
First off, thanks to everyone who said that they thought that my new label design suits me! After living with it for a week or so, I'm still very happy with it. :)
It was cool to learn that I am not the only person who turned to a foreign language to come up with her label. Toni uses the Swahili word for dressmaker, MSHONI, on her labels - a word which, by happy coincidence, rhymes with her name! :)
What I found most interesting and a bit surprising was how many people don't use labels. For some reason I took it for granted that they would be common. Putting in my label feels like signing my work - the finishing touch to sewing a garment - the "now it's done" last step...
However, many people reported that they couldn't see much point to putting labels in clothes that they make for themselves. Mamafitz, for example, puts her labels in the garments that she makes for other people but not the ones she makes for herself, in part because she actively dislikes the feel of labels in her clothes.
Summerset has only recently found a style of labels that she likes enough to order and Christine is also waiting for her first order of labels to come in. Emily - whose designer labels were my original inspiration - reports that she is really enjoying using hers.
Thanks again, everyone! I love hearing these little bits and pieces about you and your sewing lives! :)


wendy said...

I guess it depends on whether you can wear labels in your clothes or not, too! I'm one of those "no label" folks as well. Simply because I find RTW labels itchy and remove them immediately... so I can't imagine putting them into things I make! I have thought a few times about getting an embroidery machine, and making my own labels directly on facings or lining pieces. They would then be flat and hopefully not itchy.