Tuesday, August 19, 2008

KISS: Keep it Simple, Stupid

Feed Dogs and Buttons and Keeping it Simple...

Of all the issues I never thought I'd have teaching sewing in Spanish - a language I don't actually speak! - "rambling on unnecessarily" was probably at the top of my list. Apparently, however, a tiger can't change its stripes, and my tendency to ramble transcends my lack of fluency in a language!

As we were setting up Ana's machine to sew the buttons onto David's shirt, I managed to generate a multi-sentence monologue about how normally the fabric moves when you sew, but when you are putting on buttons you don't want the fabric to move... etc. All leading up to showing her how to drop the feed dogs.

All this time, Juana was still working on her buttonholes, and so she missed it all. A few minutes later, when Juana was ready to attach her buttons, I asked Ana to explain it to her - figuring that Ana would be more coherent than I had been.

Ana pointed to the feed dog switch and said "normal" and then she pushed the switch into the other position and said "boton".

Enough said... ;)