Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday: Vicarious Vintage 1912

For today's Vicarious Vintage, I'm showing the wrap that Maddie should be wearing...  Here is the pattern cover illustration:  

Melodyejoy has finished this muslin of the pattern and provided detailed modifications to the 100-year-old pattern instructions here.  

ELMO made this gorgeous version - you should see how beautifully she matched the fabric designs on the back center seam!  And you can, here!  ;)

One more picture for you - take a look at Meredith's beautiful version of this wrap!  You can see more pictures and read about her experience here.  

These projects are really inspiring and the blog posts are full of helpful information - I can't wait to get to Maddie's wrap!  :)

Finally, if you want still more, check out the main page on the official project blog here.  

I hope everyone is having a good week with time for sewing!  :)


ELMO said...

Hello Gwen,
I tried to use the hotmail account to contact you but it was rejected. Sure, you can use a photo and link back, all I ask is that if you do it again you contact me. I like to keep track of where my images end up. All the best,