Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday: Vicarious Vintage 1912

I spent the weekend on a family trip and am now off to San Diego for a work trip.  The cobwebs continue to multiply on my sewing machine and I am feeling more and more anxious to get back to it...  :(

In the meantime, I thought I'd share some of the Vintage 1912 projects that others have been working on.  (Poor Maddie is still in her modern, lilac linen shift...)

Today's vicarious vintage pattern is a Princess Slip from the March 24, 1912 issue of La Mode Illustree.  Here is the pattern illustration:

I've got three "teaser" shots of three versions of the pleated ruffle along the bottom for you.  First up, from CostumeDeeva:  

Next, a more minimalist pleat from Madame Mermet

Finally, a gloriously petite pleat from Chopkins:  

Follow any of the links above to see more about the construction of these three beautiful versions of the Princess Slip.  And, for even more slips, you can start on this page of the VPLL official blog

I'll try to get a Vicarious Vintage 1912 post up each day this week.  Hopefully, by next weekend, I can get back to my own sewing!  Until then, all my best for all of you!  :)