Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Confession

In the years P.D.E. (pre-digital era), my husband and I were seriously into amateur photography - camera club members, home darkroom, the whole bit... One night at a camera club meeting, a friend commented that it was her fascination with natural light that drew her to photography. I thought about it for a minute and realized that it had worked backwards for me - it wasn't until I got into photography that I really started noticing and appreciating natural light.

So, what about you and sewing? Has your involvement with sewing changed something about the way that you look at the world? Do you look at clothes and fashions, for example, differently? Or was there something that you saw in the world that drew you to sewing? Or maybe, a little bit of both?


gwensews said...

Hummm--interesting question. I can't remember NOT sewing, so growing up with it may have formed some ideas without my realizing it. I will think about this some more.

CarlaF-in Atlanta said...

I tried to sew and watched my grandmother beautiful clothing. I didn't have much success sewing for myself as a pre-teen. Fast forward many, many, many years, sewing has changed the way I look at body types; color and drape of clothing. When I started sewing again, I would see a pattern that looked great on a certain body type and think I would be great for me. Not! I'm learning what type of clothing looks good on me and what colors. I'm very focused on it.

marysews said...

Sewing taught me to look at how clothes fit myself and Other People. I also learned that talking about Other People's ill-fitting clothing was fun!

Unknown said...

Oh, I'd say so. As I got older, I'd say 'I can make that, why should I buy it?' and be WAY more fit-critical... I buy fewer cheap things than I would otherwise, and often purchase things from thrift stores if I know I can make them work.
And I look more at people's clothes to figure out how things were made.