Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cool Chart Tuesday

Today's "cool chart" may be a trip down memory lane for some of you - does anyone remember 4H?

My sister and I were members for several years - as farm girls, we did modules on horses and goats. One year we even took our ponies to the state fair. During the competition in the ring, our ponies, separated by several other horses and ponies in the line, spent the entire time whinnying back and forth to each other. We were so embarrassed! Apparently NONE of us were seasoned show veterans... ;)

Anyways, I stumbled on a 4H sewing module - take a look at the skills that young people are expected to demonstrate. Are there any skills that you think are missing from this list? How would you do against this list? (Personally, I plead the fifth...)

Here's a link to the original source: click here.


CarlaF-in Atlanta said...

I would be in big trouble in some areas :)

Unknown said...

I feel a Friday Confession coming on...
I'd definately be able to use this to improve on my comprehensive sewing skills. How cool to have a chart to do it with!

mamafitz said...

i would get a big fat FAIL in the 'put things away promptly' column. i don't think i've ever done a flatlock seam (i'm not even really sure what it is), and i'm terrible at putting buttons on with the machine.