Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In the Queue Wednesday

Another project just sitting in my sewing room, waiting for me.... This time it's a dress pattern by Colette - her "Crepe" pattern. It's a wrap-around dress with a tie - no other closures such as zippers or buttons.

And the fabric? Well, I picked out these two pieces - the top piece for the dress and the bottom piece for the sash.

I'm trying to learn to not be so "matchy-matchy" with my fabrics - what do you think?

Actually, Gertie over at Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing is having a sew-along for this very pattern.

She started last Nov/Dec - obviously I haven't joined the sew-along, but I am going to carefully read all her posts again before I start my version of this dress.

And when exactly will that be? I'm not sure, but don't worry, I'll get to it. It's still in my queue...


BConky said...

If I tried to name every thing in my queue I'd have to live to 500 years.

What-I-Found said...

Just wanted to vote up your fabric choices...really good together, but not 'matchy' at all.