Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Confession

I'd love to try my hand at making men's ties. It seems to me that this would be a great project - you would get to work with top quality silk fabric, fun prints (okay - depending upon the guy), and immediate satisfaction!

But my husband just doesn't wear them. (And, while he will do many things to support my sewing habit, wearing ties is simply not one of them...)

Nor does my father. And neither of my brother-in-laws. So, unless I want to hand them out on street corners to random, well dressed strangers, there are simply no men in my life for whom I could make ties... :(

How about you? Is there anything that you'd love to make, but just can't justify?

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Becky said...

It always seems to be the formal dresses for me. I haven't had occasion to sew one since I did my masters' degree recital several years ago. I have a Vogue pattern for one I'd love to try out, and almost made for my brother's wedding about a year and a half ago, but figured the fabric wouldn't work. It's really not one that can be made for an everyday occasion, either. I'd also love to make a wedding dress (one of the only things I've always known I wanted to do for it), but I haven't even been on a date in a shamefully long time, so I don't think that's going to be happening anytime soon either.

Cole's Corner said...

I would LOVE to make ties, too, and my husband wears one every day to work... but I just didn't know where to get high quality silks and also if they would be terribly expensive.

I want to make pretty dressy dresses for skinny women... since I'm not skinny anymore. :(
I guess I'll have to wait until my little girls grow up.

mamafitz said...

i would love to make girly dresses, heirloom girly dresses, pretty lace-y girly dresses, but i have no girls in my life (save for my new niece but i don't think my SIL would dress her up anyway). maybe i'll get a granddaughter or two. or maybe i'll just go ahead and do one anyway, just because.

i do want to make a tie someday, and calvin wants me to make a real bow tie.

Taki J said...

Half the dresses I want to make I have no reason to make. I have so many cute dress patterns and really would have no place to wear them all. Party and going out type dresses. The reality is I don't go out that much. I think I will still make some of them as any garment you make is a lesson learned investment into your skill level. As a newbie I think I have decided to try and make lots of shirts (that is what I need) and perfect that.

Webfrau said...

Weddings are a great excuse to make ties. I made bow ties (and matching cummerbunds) and regular ties for our wedding. They were fun and satisfying to make.

I think beautiful elegant evening wear is the thing I can't justify making.

Unknown said...

I miss making corsets and other costume things... The dresses especially.
For a long time I always had something I could flex my sewing muscles on and learn more with, but graduating and leaving the costume shop has made boning more obsolete in my current life, and I go to one formal a year instead of 3 or 4, and wear a dress I already have.

Anonymous said...

A late 1700's ball gown. Out there yes, but I desperately want to have a gown with hip pads, more yards of lace than I have seen in one place and a reason to work with all the fabrics I never do. Even historical societies ignore this era, so I can't see spending the cash on it just to have around.

Real stuff? A flapper coat with real fur. I've been working on the pattern for years for the perfect fit, but all the fur, deco buttons ad fabric make it far, far out of my budget. And yes, I'd wear the hell out of it in the winter.

Brenda said...

My husband wants me to make ties for him but I haven't done it yet. I have the Vogue pattern and some silk but I have too many dresses I want to make for me. ;)

I would love to try jeans someday.

Summerset said...

Evening wear! Fancy cocktail dresses, red carpet kind of stuff, etc.! Unfortunately, I never have any events in my life or anywhere to wear this kind of stuff too.

SunnyQ said...

It seems like ties *would* be fun to make! Maybe you could make some and put them on Etsy - just for the experience to make them :)

Shannon said...

I have so far been able to come up with a reason to make all the hairbrained things I think of. Maybe you could find someone with a little boy who appreciate a handmade tie.
My next hairbrained plan is to make my own leggings.