Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In the Queue Wednesday

More from the Joann's shopping trip with my nieces. The same 9-year-old niece who picked this outfit, also asked for a skirt made from this fabric:

And, yes, that IS glitter you see sparkling merrily in the jungle cat fur. That's how you know it's REAL! ;)

We actually drafted the pattern for an elastic waisted skirt using the directions in this book.

We made a practice version while she was here and it came out pretty short. (Think French maid - but without the frilly underwear.) I think I'll add an inch or two to the length of this one.

It's one of the quickest patterns in the world to sew up - a single pattern piece, cut 2 (front and back), stitch side seams, stitch casing, insert elastic and hem it.

So, I should be able to get it done pretty quickly - I'm just not sure when exactly... But don't worry, it's in the queue! :)