Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Confession

This week's confession: I have been known to sew fancy dress clothes for short, furry inanimate objects*... ;)

* aka teddy bears

How about you? Does your sewing history include outfitting any dolls or stuffed animals? I'd love to hear your stories! And, if you have links to pictures, I'll include them in my "Talk Back Thursday" post. :)


gwensews said...

Oh yes--I have a very well dressed goose! I even put hair on her! I also have an 18" doll. But my interested in them faded, and haven't done any sewing for either of them in a very long time.

Amy said...

Your teddy bear clothes are lovely! I also like to make stuffed toys for my kids. I think I have as much fun making them as the kids do playing with them. Here are some pictures:


Cloth Doll


Shannon Hillinger said...

I started out sewing by sewing clothes for my stuffed animals. I have over the years sewn for a lot of different sized dolls and stuffed animals. It was a pleasant surprise when I sewed a teeny dress for my daughter and realized that after sewing for Barbie, infant clothes are easy to handle.
Now I'm sewing occasionally for my daughter's dolls. I should make something new for her baby. She hasn't been allowed to wear anything for weeks now, but I imagine a new dress would be exciting enough for Moira to leave her clothes on for a bit.

Anonymous said...

Other then Barbies for myself when I was little (and Barbies and clothing sewing did not last long because my mother made me sew by hand, something to this day I hate), no.

Happens when your only child is a boy. I HAVE made sleeping bags for Transformers, tho.

Anonymous said...

I learned to sew making clothes for my Barbies using scraps from Mom's sewing and an old handcranked Singer sewing machine clamped to the picnic table in the backyard. As Shannon mentioned, everything after that was easy. ;) I've clothed all manner of dolls and stuffed animals over the years. The good thing about sewing for dolls and stuffed animals is they don't wiggle while you fit them, or outgrow what you are making, or complain that it itches or isn't the right color or doesn't fit right. ;)

Lois K

Summerset said...

Yep, I've made a lot of American Doll clothes. I made an entire SWAP for my daughter's doll the year I made my daughter a SWAP; all the pieces were identical. There are pictures on my blog, I think it was SWAP 2007 or 2008?

Sarah said...

I love sewing doll clothes. I like trying out new techniques on something small, fun and fast to make such as doll clothes.