Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Project: Stealing Time

The smallest feline is a masterpiece.
--Leonardo Da Vinci

For the relevance of the opening quote, see the parting shot. ;)

My two teenage nephews from the Great White North are visiting us here in sunny Florida for their Spring Break, so I haven't had much time to myself. But I have managed to squeeze in bits of time here and there to work on the loom. This is my second-to-last set of Christmas kitchen towels. Yay!

Here I have tied the beginning of the new warp onto the end of the old warp and am about to pull them through the reed:

Through the reed and ready to be pulled through the heddles:

Through the heddles...

Threading complete! The old threads can be cut off now.

Winding the new threads around the back beam:

New threads tied onto the front apron rod for winding around the front beam (as I weave):

Here I've woven in a "header", made up of panty-hose and a thick yarn, to even out all of the warp threads:

And the weaving begins!

The loom waits, ready for me...

Parting Shot:

Oliver helps Milly recuperate by acting as if nothing has changed. ;)
She tries to pretend that he annoys her, but I think that secretly she has a soft spot in her heart for him... (My evidence? He's still alive.)


meredithp said...

Man, that's a lot of work. Thank you for reminding me again that in addition to quilting, hand weaving is another hobby is something I don't want to start. I just worked on my serger and threaded it. Whew! That was enough work.

Kitties, so cute. I'm glad Millie hasn't killed Oliver yet. She probably knows that if she kills him, she won't have him to "toy" with anymore.