Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Project: Four Towels and a Cat

I was nursing a bad hangover when a cat stamped into the room.

--P.G. Wodehouse

I finished another set of Christmas kitchen towels this weekend! Yay! Just two more sets to go... I'm still on track with my "give them out before I am 6 months late" game plan... ;)

When I cut these 4 towels off the loom, I left the the excess yarn threaded, to make threading my next set of towels faster.

And I also measured out the 402, 4-yard lengths of the new yarns. Here's a sneak peak at the next color scheme:

Truthfully, I like brighter colors, and so sometimes it takes a bit of a push to make myself work with these dark colors. But, of course, I let my friends pick their own colors, and these are what they chose... My last set will be a series of bright, primary colors, and I am looking forward to getting to work with them!

Parting Shot: I traipsed through a dozen quotation websites looking for just the right one to accompany this picture of one of our cats, Milly. She recently had surgery and the vet decreed that she MUST wear this hood to prevent her from aggravating her incision. Milly is, not surprisingly, less than thrilled with the plan.

In case you are not skilled at reading a cat's eyes, I will translate for you. Milly is communicating this message: "I am going to kill you tonight in your sleep."

Send us good wishes that ALL of us survive her recovery! ;)


gwensews said...

I'm totally in awe of that weaving deal. Your towels are just awesome! I wonder if you will weave fabric for a garment? Poor kitty. I wouldn't like wearing a collar like that, either!

CarlaF-in Atlanta said...

You don't really need sleep do you :> I love the towels.

Shannon said...

Your weaving is always so fascinating to me - you make such beautiful pieces!

I don't have to speak felinese to know what Milly is thinking! B etter sleep with one eye open tonight!

Anonymous said...

Short of killing you, Milly will at the very least stomp on your sleeping form.

Unknown said...

Oh, poor Milly... The Cone of Shame! I have to say, when the quote about nursing a hangover appeared, you had my attention!

BConky said...

Poor Millie, I don't blame her I wouldn't want to wear that collar.

Julie said...

Funny, when my cat (also named Millie) makes that face, it usually means "You won't be laughing when you have to clean up my puke in the morning!

Anonymous said...

Poor Milly. Hope she heals fast. My puppy wasn't very enthusiastic about his lovely collar either. We did both survive it.

Lois K