Wednesday, March 26, 2008


My first blog rating! My friend, Kat of Faerie Kat's Faerie Korner, gave me this "Excellent Blog" award - treating "After the dress..." as a continuation of "The Wedding Dress Saga."

There are a lot of truly excellent blogs out there, and I don't really think I'm in that league, but I'll happily accept - if only to be able to give a "shout out" to some of MY favorites! ;)

In fact, the rules of acceptance require that I pass it on to 10 more blogs that I find to be excellent. I subscribe to almost 80 blogs, so narrowing it down to anywhere near 10 was a bit of a challenge!

With apologies to all the other wonderful blogs that I enjoy, here is my list - in no particular order - of Excellent (sewing) Blogs:

A Dress A Day
All Sewn Up
Hungry Zombie Couture
Pins and Needles

Twistedangel’s Studio
Miss Celie’s Pants
Stitches and Seams
Another Creation
The Prolific Sewer

If you are looking for inspiration, warmth, humor and technical assistance with all things sewing-related, then look no further. You will find those in abundance here...

Finally, I thought I'd throw in one non-sewing blog. Edward describes the joys and challenges of being a stay-at-home Dad in this series of letters to a fictional friend, Dave. You don't have to be a parent (never mind a stay-at-home Dad) to enjoy these stories...

Dear Dave

Thanks, again, Kat! :)


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more about Erin's wonderful blog (A Dress A Day) - I too lurked for a while before commenting, but watch out, it's addictive!

Have followed your trail of breadcrumbs back here and look forward to checking out your other recommendations. Many thanks - appreciate it.

Vicki said...

Gwen, thank you so much! This will encourage me to keep working at it! I must check out the other ones you have nominated that I haven't been to yet.

And yes you deserve the award too! congratulations.