Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ani's Other Niece & My Nephews

My first "after the dress" project was a cap for our friend Ani's niece, Alicita. Ani also has a niece named Manuela, and my second project was a little outfit for "Manu" (as they call her). Ani asked for the jumper and pants (views D and E) on this Simplicity pattern:
She picked out a bright pink ribbed knit for the jumper, bright blue dragonfly buttons & applique, and a white ribbed knit for the pants.

This also came together quickly - I was able to construct the majority of it on my serger. I wasn't sure how large to make the button holes for those unusually shaped buttons, so I decided to practice on a scrap of the fabric first - good thing! Turns out the ribbed knit wasn't all that keen on accepting button holes... So, I switched to a velcro fastening and put the buttons on "for show".

All in all it came out pretty cute. Manu is only a few months old, so it may be a while before she can wear it. I made a "small", which is supposed to fit around 6 months. Hopefully I'll eventually get a picture that I can post. :)
In other news, my nephews came down from Ohio to spend part of their Spring Break with us. We enjoyed a day at Sea World's new waterpark, Aquatica. I can't believe how quickly they are growing up...


Faerie♥Kat said...

How absolutely off-the-scale cute!

I have a blog award for you, too!


Faerie hugz


Becky said...

Thank you so much for the help with the banner! That site you gave me was great-- I love the scrollbar how-to I found in there too. Now I can have all my past projects on the sidebar!

Also thinking I might have to check out your wedding dress saga. I've wanted to make one of those for years... of course, I have to find a guy first! ;)

Christine said...

Too cute!

I'm sure the velcro will end up being much easier for mom to dress and undress baby quickly too! :)