Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Confession

How was your Christmas?  Did people love the gifts that you gave them?  Did you get the things that you had been hoping for?  

I asked for Jo-Ann gift cards, and it appears that people listened!  From a couple of friends at work to my husband to relatives on both sides of the family, almost everybody got me gift cards!  Will you look at this pile!

*** Arghhh!  Why does Blogger insist on flipping my images sideways?  :(   ***

Anyways, I'm going to have to take my sleeping bag to Jo-Ann's and camp out there for a few days of shopping!  These cards are likely to last me for months and months!  I am so happy and excited!  :)

But those weren't my only sewing-related gifts.  Another friend from work got me this book:

There are a lot of fun looking projects in here!  I foresee a wealth of Christmas projects from this book in my future!  ;)

Finally, Ana completely surprised me by picking out a pattern, fabric and notions for me:  

Is that gorgeous, or what?  And, most of all - is that ME, or what?!?!  There's no better test of how well you know someone than whether or not you can pick out a pattern and fabric that will make them happy, and you can tell that Ana knows me very, very well!  :)

So, those are my favorite Christmas gifts this year.  What about you?  What are YOUR favorite Christmas gifts this year?

Regardless of the gifts, I hope that everyone had a wonderful time sharing food and memories and laughter with their friends and family.  And that you are all looking forward to the wonderful things that 2012 has in store for us!  :)


gwensews said...

You got quite a haul! Good for you. Have a great time shopping and sewing. I got a yarn swift and ball winder. No more will my DH have to hold a yarn hank while I wind!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a lovely pile of cards! I asked for gift certificates to the sewing machine store so I could get the binding attachment for my new machine. My FIL is my hero. He bought it for me even though he had no idea what it was I wanted. My new machine was my birthday and Christmas presents for this year and 2012.
Happy New Year Gwen!

marysews said...

When I rotate it in picasa, it only changes the picasa view; if I then upload the original picture file, it's not rotated.

I always rotate pictures with MS Paint (used to us PSP, but haven't installed it yet on this PC I've had for about a year). That way, the uploaded picture is turned correctly.

Anonymous said...

I got a fabric gift card and a dress form (that I had to wait until today to order). My mom gave me an old wardrobe she had, and that was my Christmas.

I think I was more excited about the fabric then the dress form tho.

mamafitz said...

i got an epic new scrabble game (very very nice. the one from restoration hardware, with a storage drawer). i also got a coverstitch machine! i've wanted one for a while now, and didn't really intend to buy one just yet, but i was at the dealer having them fix my serger power cord (the dog chewed it in half). they re-wired it while i waited, so i browsed around, and they had a janome CP1000 for $420. i simply couldn't pass it up. i haven't played with it yet. they will give me free lessons on it, which i will do sometime after everyone goes back to school/work on the 3rd.