Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cool Chart Tuesday

Here's something cool. The Trulia blog surveyed over 1000 people about the features that make a happy home. Check out the infographic above to see the results.

Look - a sewing room!

(You can read the full post here.)

What do you think about the features listed here? Are they part of your perfect home? Is there anything missing? Personally, that sewing room is WAY too small for me! ;)


patsijean said...

We need a quest room but that space is my sewing room and the third bedroom is my husband's messy office. Perhaps we could adapt the "den". I HATE term "Man Cave" but we do have a re/TV room where husband can smoke --ventilated all year round. A room for a real library is a must for us and the formal living and adjoining dining room combo of 1974 ranch construction is now a dining room and a library--available book space is about 21' x 7' now more than full. We each have our own bathroom. Mine is also for guests. So: Two baths, library, sewing room, guest room, office space, rec room, much improved kitchen, and master bedroom big enough for king-sized bed but not enormous which takes space from rest of house. Outrageous for two people but we have filled up our house.

Bri said...

This is awesome!