Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In the Queue Wednesday

I just stumbled across this tutorial for making fabric lanyards - aren't they great? I have to wear a badge at work and have gone through several of your standard, boring, commercial lanyards.

I can't wait to raid my scrap stash and whip up some of these! I think they would make great gifts for my co-workers too!

I've embedded links to other lanyard tutorials in the photo. There are a ton of lanyard tutorials out there! Across most of them, the 2 main differences appear to be:
1. Whether they have you sewing a tube and turning it inside-out OR folding inward twice like bias tape.
2. How you finish the end - how much and what type of hardware, how you close it up, etc.

I'm not sure when I'll get to this, but as quick and easy as it looks, I bet it happens soon. In any event, don't worry, I WILL get to it. It's in the queue...


Karinvd said...

I love those quick and easy projects, even though I don't work on them very often. BUt it's so satisfying to start and finish something that quickly and have lots of fun using it!

Trish said...

They are a project you can complete in under 30 minutes! Thanks for sharing the link - so glad you enjoyed it!

gwensews said...

Thank you for the link. Those are very kicky!