Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Project: At least the pockets fit...

Every problem has a gift for you in its hands.
-Richard Bach

It seems like forever since I've had a chance to do some sewing, but just before our vacation trip I managed to sew up this dress.

I was particularly looking forward to making the pockets, as this is a style that I've never made before. I photographed the main steps. First, I stitched the pocket front to the front of the skirt, right sides together, along the curved side seam.

This piece gets folded back and pressed.

Next, the pocket back is attached to the pocket front along the long, curved inside seam.

Afterward, the pocket can be opened out like this:

Here you see it tucked in the way it will be when the dress is complete. Notice that the skirt now has a straight side seam, to be connected to the back skirt.

There was only one step that I had a hard time visualizing - the directions had me open out the pocket and sew a short seam, starting mid-way along the top edge and going downwards for a couple of inches.

I think that seam closed up the top of the pocket so that it doesn't start its opening at the waist, but rather a bit below the waist and into the skirt.

The pockets came out great and I love them! I think I'll add this style pockets to other skirts and dresses in the future. :)

Now for the dress itself:

I do like it and I have gotten more compliments in this dress than I usually get. But, in fact, the fit isn't very good. It gaps under my arms (sorry for the stubbly pit shot):

And the bodice does not fit well at all - it is too short and doesn't fit over "the girls" and pulls outrageously from the side.

That is pretty disappointing. But, I like this pattern a lot. And I think that, if it fit well, it would be a style that worked for my body. So I am going to officially declare this pattern a "learn to fit" project and I am going to figure out how to adjust it to get a good fit. And that will be the gift that this problem has for me in its hands. :)


Lynne Williams said...

Love the print for this style. Great choice. You just need to add some length to the bodice front below the bust point, looks like about an inch. The gapping you are getting is because of your fuller bust - just pinch out the gap, measure the amount. On your pattern cut from your armhole to your bustpoint and overlap the measured amount. This will cause the pattern to form a cup, to eliminate the cup, cut a line from the middle of your ease amount)along the bottom of the bodice)up to your bust point again. This will add the additional ease you need for your bust size. I hope this makes sense, and is helpful.

Mountain Thyme said...

You know, I have the same problem. I have to lengthen the bodice some. Even tho "my girls" are still in kindergarten! So, I have to lower the bodice while shrinking the shoulder width and decreasing the armhole opening. Drat!