Thursday, September 18, 2008

Talk Back Thursday

Thanks to Christine, Kasey, Susan, Laura, Summerset, Lindsay, Natalie and Becky for "talking back" to my Friday Confession last week! I confessed that I have a bit of a pattern stash and asked if others also stocked up on patterns for "some day..."

Almost everyone reported having (or being in the process of accumulating) a pattern stash of her own. The thing that varied was the impetus for buying a new pattern. On one side, Lindsay only buys a pattern if she has a specific project in mind. She reported that this is partly due to a lack of storage space, and partly due to her Yankee roots. ;)
Many people were in the middle and typically shop for a particular project, but are not averse to picking up a pattern that catches their attention or fits into a collection, such as Summerset's vintage pattern collection.

Kasey, on the other hand, is a dedicated pattern shopper who never misses a sale and will never be caught patternless when inspiration strikes!

Wherever you fit in this continuum, I'm sure that the excitement of a new pattern and the comfort of a TNT pattern is something that we all can relate to!

And to Natalie - yes, I highly recommend a black furry sentinel for every household! ;)

Thanks again - I really love learning about you and your sewing lives! :)